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At Lunar Flow Doula + Hypnobirthing, I believe that there is no one ideal birth and no one-size-fits all reproductive life journey. The best experience is the right one for you. So, let’s take that journey together. 

Hypnobirthing & Doula Expertise

Support Throughout Your Reproductive Life Journey

As a certified Hypnobirthing Coach, Mindful Lactation Practitioner, and Full-Spectrum Doula, I am constantly expanding my knowledge to bring you the best techniques and evidence-based knowledge. Utilizing my years of expertise, I am committed to being your best advocate and a solid support system throughout your reproductive life journey. 

Embrace your Life journey

The Doula

Committed to person-centered care, it would be my true honor to be a supportive guide throughout your reproductive journey. 


Elana Jefferson-Tatum, Ph.D.


As a trained scholar of religion, whose work has focused on Africana sacred traditions and their systems of healing, I have advanced degrees from Harvard and Emory University. Also, having long been passionate about reproductive justice, and ways of bridging the gap between research and practice, in summer 2019, I interned with the Feminist Women’s Heath Center in Atlanta, GA. While going on to work as a professor for several years, my passion for community work would later bring me back to reproductive justice, but in unexpected ways.

After the birth of my first child, an experience that was honestly traumatic, and becoming pregnant with my second, I became determined to have a more affirming and truly sacred birthing experience and beyond. That’s when I discovered hypnobirthing and the beauty of doula work. And, with the support of these two systems of birth support and healing, my second birth was absolutely transformative. This experience changed not just my relationship with the initiation that is birth but also connected me with my deepest self and a long dormant desire to do community healing work.

This sacred birth experience was also when the first seed of Lunar Flow Doula + Hypnobirthing was initially planted. Since that birthing transformation, I have shifted my entire life to center around family, health, and healing. I took a leave from my full-time position as a professor, and my family and I moved first to Charlotte and now to the Raleigh-Durham area. Passionate about education as also healing and transformative, I began homeschooling my two children in January 2020, right before the start of the pandemic. And, then after doing some transformative self-healing work throughout the winter with Leslie Jones through her introductory Afro-Flow Yoga course and personalized embodiment coaching with Melissa Alexis of Cultural Fabric, I took the leap and completed my training in hypnobirthing with the Calm Birth School and lactation support with the Mindful Breastfeeding School. I am now also in the process of completing my Full-Spectrum Doula certification requirements with Birth Advocacy Doula Training (BADT). So, what started out as a mere seed, a vision for a transformative and sacred birth experience, is now coming into full bloom as a person-centered practice centered around helping birthing persons navigate their reproductive journeys and cultivate their best birth and beyond. And, I am absolutely thrilled to be on this new path with you.


My Philosophy of Care

My philosophy and practice of care is founded on the principle of “birth justice”:

“Birth Justice is a movement that believes when birthing people recognize their innate power to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families during all stages of the pregnancy, birth, and the post-birth period, that power will have a transformational impact on their family and community.

The long history of trauma and reproductive oppression that Black communities and other underserved groups have experienced is the constant force that drives and shapes the Birth Justice movement. To challenge systems of oppression, such as racism and sexism in reproductive care, Birth Justice advocates for culturally-appropriate, person-centered care while challenging disrespectful care. It also supports the sharing of knowledge amongst communities and improves access to breastfeeding support and traditional birth-workers, such as midwives and doulas.” (from Voices for Birth Justice)

Birth justice also means providing support to birthing persons throughout their reproductive journey, including their right to choose when, if, and how to carry a pregnancy. So, I am fully in support of a birthing persons right to chose what is best for them and their families. 

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My community partners includes businesses in wellness, mindfulness, yoga, and far beyond.