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At Lunar Flow Doula + Hypnobirthing, my goal is to help you flow with the natural rhythm and deep knowledge inherent in your own mind, body, and spirit. Every birth is special and every birthing person has unique needs, so whether you are planning a home birth or a hospital birth, together we will craft your best birthing experience, and provide you with the support and resources to navigate your reproductive life journey.


Certified Hypnobirthing Coach, Mindful Breastfeeding Supporter & Full-Spectrum Doula

Elana Jefferson-Tatum, Ph.D. (she/they)

Hi there! I’m Elana! I first encountered hypnobirthing and doula work during my second pregnancy, and the experience changed my life forever. I was a professor for several years but now I’m refocusing all my passions, knowledge, and experience around spiritual care, community healing, and reproductive health into providing support to birthing persons throughout their reproductive life journey. I’ve since also become a certified mindful lactation practitioner and have been thrilled to witness how seemingly basic relaxation techniques in combination with support and education can foster a calm and confident lactation and parenting experience. Through personalized courses and coaching sessions that combine hypnobirthing, mindful lactation techniques, and doula expertise, I’m excited to assist you in creating your best birth and far beyond. 

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Hypnobirthing Course

A personalized, evidence-based childbirth education course that provides practical techniques for fostering a calm and confident birth experience.

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Birth Doula and Lactation Support

Support and guidance tailored to the needs of you and your family throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period.

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Full-Spectrum Doula Coaching

Emotional support and coaching to assist you through various transitions throughout your reproductive journey, including (but not limited to) postpartum, miscarriage, abortion, and fertility concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Full-Spectrum Doula?

A support professional who assists birthing persons and their families in navigating life’s transitions, including (but not limited to), preconception, pregnancy, birth, and far beyond.

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Doulas do:

Doulas don't:

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a self-directed practice of deep relaxation that in combination with the use of visualization, breathing techniques, and affirmations will empower you to flow with rather than against the natural abilities and instinct of your body during labor.
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